Macrolichens of North America ~
Regional Lichen Floras

by Chris Parrish

Photo: Usnea, Chris Parrish, Mushroom Observer

In its present form, this page is a preliminary sketch of an idea. Additional content should appear over time.

North American Regions



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Western Canada

British Columbia

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Doug Waylett's lichen photos on flickr:
  Fruticose Lichens of Alberta except Cladonia
  Cladonias of Alberta
  Foliose Lichens of Alberta except Peltigeras
  Peltigeras of Alberta
  Squamulose lichens of Alberta
  Crustose Lichens of Alberta
  Lichenomphallia of Alberta
Doug Waylett's lichen photos on flickr: Kananaskis localities
  Bow Valley Provincial Park, Fullerton Loop Trail, Upper Kananaskis Lake Area, West Bragg Creek, Marsten Creek,
  Pocaterra Cirque Trail, Picklejar Lakes Trail, Ptarmigan Cirque, Plateau Mountain Ecological Reserve, Other Kananaskis Areas
Lichen Communities of North America on flickr

Mushroom Observer lichen observations from Alberta: (Alberta observations) -- Mount Stearn, Willmore Wilderness (site) -- Dunvegan Crossing, Peace River (site) -- Grand Cache (site) -- Grand Prairie (site) -- Onion Peak (site) -- Peyto Lake (site) -- Limestone Mountain (site)
Mushroom Observer lichen observations from Jasper National Park: Jonas rock slide (site) -- Maligne Lake -- Maligne River, 3 mi north of Maligne Lake
Mushroom Observer lichen observations from Banff National Park: Parker Ridge -- Waterfowl Lake
Mushroom Observer lichen observations from Kananaskis Country: Lower Kananaskis Lake, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park -- Elbow Lake, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park -- Ptarmigan Cirque, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park
Mushroom Observer lichen observations from Waterton Lakes National Park: Cameron Creek -- Red Rock Canyon

Canadian Atlantic


Mushroom Observer lichen observations from Quebec: (Quebec observations)

Prince Edward Island

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New Brunswick

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Nova Scotia

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Far West

Pacific Northwest

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Colombia Basin (WA, OR, ID)

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Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains

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New Mexico

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Great Plains

South Dakota and Wyoming

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South Central States


Mushroom Observer lichen observations from Arkansas: Dabney Creek (site)


Mushroom Observer lichen observations from the Davis Mountains, West Texas: Davis Mountains (site)
Mushroom Observer lichen observations from Big Bend National Park, Brewster Co., Texas (observations): Pinnacles Trail, The Basin (site) -- Lost Mine Trail, Chisos Mountains (site) -- Pine Canyon, Chisos Mountains (site)
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Great Lakes


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New England

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Southern Appalachians

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West Virginia

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North Carolina

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  CNALH checklist with interactive map.
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Mushroom Observer lichen observations from Tennessee: Sewanee (site, observations)


Mushroom Observer lichen observations from Alabama: Aldridge Gardens, Hoover (site) -- Audubon Bird Sanctuary, Dauphin Island (site) -- Bankhead National Forest (site) -- Bellingrath Gardens (site) -- Birmingham (site) -- Bon Secour (site) -- Botanical Gardens, Birmingham (site) -- Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve (site) -- Cheaha Mountain State Park (site) -- Chinnabee Lake (site) -- Coleman Lake, Talladega National Forest (site) -- DeSoto State Park (site) -- Hoover Sport Park East (site) -- Lakeshore Trail, Homewood (site) -- Moss Rock Preserve (site) -- Natural Bridge State Park (site) -- Wedowee Lake (site) -- Oak Mountain State Park (site) -- Payne Lake State Park (site) -- Perry Lakes Park (site) -- Shoal Creek, Talladega National Forest (site) -- Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center (site) -- Sportplex parking, Hoover (site) -- Tannehill State Park (site) -- Twin Pine (site) -- Walls of Jericho (site) -- Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge (site)


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Mushroom Observer lichen observations from North Florida: Apalachicola National Forest, Wakulla Co. (site) -- Dixie Co. (site)
Mushroom Observer lichen observations from Central Florida: Ocala National Forest, Marion Co. (site, field notes) -- Lakeland (site) -- Sarasota (site)
Mushroom Observer lichen observations from the Florida Keys: Buttonwood, south Key Largo, Monroe Co. (site) -- Curry Hammock State Park, Grassy Key, Monroe Co. (site) -- Dove Creek Hammock, south Key Largo, Monroe Co. (site) -- No Name Key, Monroe Co. (site) -- Port Bougainvillea, north Key Largo, Monroe Co. (site)

Macrolichens of North America